Henry Lau, High School Year Book Picture

If you guys already like Henry, you might know that he went to school in Canada. He actually went to the same high school as my hubby for a year and they rode the same bus to school.

I knew for a while but finally got not lazy enough to take a picture of Henry’s grade 11 high school year book picture.

Their high school was the kind that go from grade 10-12 and Henry is a year older than Michael. Because Henry got scouted for SM Entertainment and went to Korea for his last year of high school, they were only in school together for a year.

Michael didn’t know Henry well because he was a year older but says he remembers him well because he was always a energetic, jokester-ish guy. He also says the thing he remembers most about Henry was that he would always say that he was going to do it, he was going to go to Korea and do kpop, he was really going to do it. And here he is.

He also says he remembers Henry always did his dancing while playing violin for school talent shows and that’s what got him into SM.

This picture was taken by me so that’s why there are watermarks all over Henry’s face lol

Just wanted to share (:
Nami ☆

5 Replies to “Henry Lau, High School Year Book Picture”

  1. I heard Henry went to my high school when he was in grade 9 so I was going through old yearbooks and I ended up finding his grade 9 photo :P

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