The largest problems may be the hardest and will definitely reappear but are extremely necessary to address in order to move forward 🥽 Uploaded a story time of my depression (Moderate Major Depressive Disorder) to my YouTube channel linked in my bio 💗 It’s taken me a long time to learn that health is so multifaceted and one area can affect the other to such a degree 🌷🥀🌷 A lot regarding my health and mental health surfaced during the panorama and we’ve really taken the last two years to realign, re-evaluate, and readdress everything 🛣 When rebuilding a path in the ground, you have to cut through root, small, medium, and large; each requiring a different tool to snip in order to get to the next section of dirt ⛏ The same root often reappears in the next section but you’ve gotta keep cutting, digging, and plowing or you will never move forward 🪓 Focusing on the large underground trunks where all roots grow will naturally flatten the land behind you; whereas trying to make the land look nice and flat from the surface will never get you anywhere or really rebuilt at all 🏡 Keep moving forward and keep cutting everything related to your largest problems over and over until the roots thin out 💗 rebuild a beautiful and smooth road ✨ #hair #beauty #blondehair #reels #bleachblonde #skincare #dailyreels #korean #koreanskincare #koreanfashion #haircare #haircolor #hairstyles #fashion #일상그램 #streetstyle #ootd #beautyreel #koreanmakeup #makeuptrends #kpop #asian #beautytrends #fashionreel #style #stylereels #얼스타그램 #데일리 #ootdreels #stylereel

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