Our favorite local family-run restaurant!! 😍😍 “Kore Chicken” serves Korean-style air-fried chicken along with other delicious sides. Lisa’s flavors run anywhere from Korean Spicy, to Honey Garlic, to Soy Sauce, to Honey Butter and I will have to tell you that every. single. order. that we have made has never disappointed!! Not only does Kore Chicken make great meals, they also care so much for their customers and the customer experience: each meal is cooked to perfection, the shop is always sparkling clean and tidy, routines are adjusted to accommodate delivery temperature concerns; all around, we are always shocked at how wonderfully, humbly, and lovingly they run their restaurant. Their meals are cooked in air-fryers, with 80% less fat and less oil; plus their seasoning is always impeccable. If you want to eat Korean chicken without a dehydrated or clogged after-feeling, this is it. If you are ever in the area or even if you are not in the area, please!!!!! Give this place a taste, all your other past Korean Chicken Restaurant experiences will not measure to both quality and price!!! @kore_chicken Korean restaurant @zara pants, too @aritzia blazer #chicken #chickenwings #korean #koreanrestaurant #koreanchicken #koreanchickenwings #toronto #torontofood #torontorestaurants #toronto #ootd #fashion #style #lookbook #outfit #dailylook

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