Wonderful wedded wife 🥺 (& hubs 😁) Florida is so beautiful and the beauty didn’t stop at the city; this lake side wedding was literally everything strawberry milk tea and more 💘 At times, best is left at not only short and sweet, but fast and flaming and that’s how I felt this trip ❤️‍🔥 Learning to find, grow, and become myself through time away from kids and spouse has been a new and interesting concept I’ve been reflecting on 🌿 To enjoy what you love, to spend time with people you love, to be and become what you love is such a nourishing treat 💝 In order to do what you want to do, we have to already act the way we want to become, and naturally, you will become the way you act 💫 You are your main character, write your story now instead of waiting and wondering; imagine where you want to be in 2, 5, 10 years and be who that is now 🎬 Mold yourself, yourself; remove the dead, the dying rotting areas, brute through the pain of healing and water what flowers 🌸 @syntheticcdoll @tuna.phish wedding @jkat_23 photo @julianne_costigan wardrobe @zara coat, button down @bananarepublic dress, skirt @sheertex shaping unbreakable tights code ‘NAMI10’ for discount @converse platform sneaker #ootd #trip #wedding #outfit #outfitinspo #vintage #balloonsleeves #bananarepublic #florida #floridawedding #style #fashion #stylereels #fashionreels #styleinspo #fashioninspo #dress #dresses #blackhair #aesthetic #travel #vacation #converse #platforms #platformshoes #platformsneakers #turtleneck #layering #winterfashion #fallfashion

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