The law of process is paying the price everyday towards your goals; This is costly 😭 Success is not owned, but rented and the rent is due every day 😵‍💫 I realize the health of my mind will only be as strong as the health of my body; Self-care means stewarding and disciplining your body towards greater health and wellness 😷 What you need to do will also look different from some else’s to do list based on your wants. Not everybody wants the same things and what they need to do to get what they want will be completely separate from someone else’s needs 🤨 Figure out what you first want, then create a practical checklist of what you need in order to achieve your goal and get what you want ✍️ This is also absolutely subjective because it will really depend on what exactly the object of your goal is 🤷‍♀️ Growth is done daily, pay the price everyday, and the law of process will do the rest. Sometimes you also end up with missions failed successfully 😌 eg I wanted a big family with lots of kids and to become a mom at 27 but mission failed successfully 🤣 ib John C. Maxwell

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