Finally had my deviated septum corrected at @english_banobagi with @docfinderkorea to fix my breathing and nose bleed problem along with ptosis correction for better visibility and clean up facial contouring !! Im super happy with the results!!! Dr Oh, Dr Lee, and Dr Barn all focused on improving the structure and function of my features while still preserving the character and charisma of my face 馃槶 I can also already breathe and see much better than before the operations without utilizing as much effort as I was before and it鈥檒l only improve as my swelling goes down 馃ス The agents at Docfinderkorea were also such a huge help being the best in between for translation and booking, made everything stress free compared to the other 7 hospitals I was reaching out to the last 3 years 馃棧 More in-depth details on my new YouTube video!! #rhinoplasty #septorhinoplasty #ptosiscorrection #banobagi #docfinderkorea #deviatedseptum #facialcontouring #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeryinkorea #靹表槙 #靹表槙靾橃垹 #靹表槙頉勱赴 #docfinderkorea #banobagi #docfinderkoreapartner

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