As I redecorate and reorganize, I realize this is something we should be doing often in all areas of our lives 🌺 To store things that we don’t need away, to examine if we must remove and dispose, choosing what to display, and keeping surfaces nice and shiny 🧺 Excited for this new chapter inside and out, as I spend my time in, as I spend my time out 📖 Been learning so much and having lots of fun at my new apprenticeship, applying practical hard skills to every corner of life’s movements 🥹 Only looking forward to shoot my shot at anything and everything 💥 essgettiiit 🗣🗣 @nevstudiostreetwear Streamer Stitching Cargo Pants Functional Ribbons Bomber Jacket Maneuver Backpack Back Pocket Function Vest Use code park25 to get 25% off amazing techwear items from @nevstudiostreetwear for BlackFriday ⛓ !

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