The law of process is paying the price everyday towards your goals; This is costly 😭 Success is not owned, but rented and the rent is due every day 😵‍💫 I realize the health of my mind will only be as strong as the health of my body; Self-care means stewarding and disciplining your body towards greater health and wellness 😷 What you need to do will also look different from some else’s to do list based on your wants. Not everybody wants the same things and what they need to do to get what they want will be completely separate from someone else’s needs 🤨 Figure out what you first want, then create a practical checklist of what you need in order to achieve your goal and get what you want ✍️ This is also absolutely subjective because it will really depend on what exactly the object of your goal is 🤷‍♀️ Growth is done daily, pay the price everyday, and the law of process will do the rest. Sometimes you also end up with missions failed successfully 😌 eg I wanted a big family with lots of kids and to become a mom at 27 but mission failed successfully 🤣 ib John C. Maxwell

New experiences & environments create new joy, inspiration, wisdom, & learning ❤️‍🔥 The best way out of a block, halt, or stuck somewhere is forward 💥 During the pandemic, I had a really bad decline in my mental health and felt extreme anxiety and depression, some days I was sooeecidol and most days I was afraid to create, afraid to show up, and absolutely felt worthless as a creator, useless as a wife, helpless as a mom, and purposeless as a person 😞 It was only until I really decided to do what we all would think would be counterintuitive that helped me out of my pit of pity 💀 It was so important to have self care, take time and rest, move slowly, and be kind to yourself ❤️‍🩹 I really tried to focus on my health and came a point where I still felt like I was running in circles with my mental improvement 😵‍💫 We decided to start volunteering as a family for a retreat center after hearing the need about the friends of my fathers closest friend who shortly passed away; the retreat center was run by a 80 year old couple who was now collapsing due to the strenuous labour their 10 acre plot gives them every year ⛅️ Every Saturday Michael, Galahad, Ziek and I were given tasks the whole day prepared in advance to clear bushes, weed the ground, rake leaves, climb the roof, paint 14’ ceiling walls, planted veggies, made wine, eavesdropped, landscaped, and worked with our entire bodies and souls ⛏ We had expected to feel exhausted as normally one would feel rested after a weekend home but with our weekend toiling, we felt rejuvenated for the next week 🌟 The amount of wisdom, stories, practical skills, and love we received from the 80 year old couple and everyone else helping out at the center really shone light into my broken and cracked being, it gave me will to live and hope for work 🔥 continued in comments— @genesisashira vibes inspo @_oll2.v pose inspo @jenn_scale selfphotography inspo @grimilgy hairstyling inspo @cowsel legs inspo @shanevang choker @drmartensofficial @drmartensusa boots @yesstyle harness use my code ‘NAMI10’ @my_kawaiination earrings use my code ‘NACHOFAM15’ @etsy handmade @bts.bighitofficial necklace

Sometimes the process is more important than the goal 🛤 We set out plans that seldom go as planned, but in the journey we grow wise 🪴 When you fall or lose your way, you’re not starting from scratch, but you’re starting from experience 📝 Perplexity is part of the process towards success❔ Direction is more important than speed and often when you don’t receive your hearts desire, that is God’s protection 🫂 God would never stop you from blessing unless He had in mind something better 🌟 @wildflwerhoney hair clip @hm hair clip @holtrenfrew sweater vest @teddy_blake purse @aritzia Wilfred trousers @poloralphlauren slip on shoes @urbandecaycosmetics shadows @cofancy_global brown lenses use my code ‘NACHO10’! @coverfx powder foundation, blush @armanibeauty red lip @analuisany earrings @sephoracanada cosmetics @bobaboytoronto @bobaboymarkham avacado bubble tea @elliemaestudios Marino wool cardigan @puma @pumawomen slippers @yesstyle thunder pants use my code ‘NAMI10’! @ugg.canada boots #hair #beauty #photodump #reels #darkhair #asianfamily #dailyreels #korean #koreanfamily #koreanfashion #asian #haircolor #koreanvlogger #fashion #일상그램 #streetstyle #ootd #beautyreel #koreanmakeup #makeuptrends #kpop #fotd #beautytrends #fashionreel #style #stylereels #얼스타그램 #데일리 #motd #stylereel

Thank you for your well wishes with my throat surgery 🥺❤️‍🩹 I am getting some questions so I thought it would be nice to do a FAQ here for you 🥰 😱 What surgery did I get? I got a tonsillectomy where my throat doctor removed my tonsils! He used a burning hot spinning scooper looking knife to cut out my tonsils and the surgery took a total of a huge 11 minutes 🤣 It left the surface of my throat area scalded in order to prevent the large exposed cut skin from bleeding so my throat now is covered in burn scabs ❤️‍🔥 🤨 What are tonsils? Tonsils are little (or big) round attachments at the back of your mouth that help you absorb any infections in your body in order to protect the rest of your body from getting infected. There are many sizes of tonsils from not visible to completely blocking the airway and some may be more susceptible to recurrent infections and are advised to remove their tonsils to prevent unnecessary recurrent tonsil infections. 😥 🧐 Why did you get the surgery? Did you need it? From grade 1 to 4 of tonsil sizes, my tonsils were grade 3 (I notice that my son Galahad’s tonsils are also grade 3 size) and ever since I was young, I had a hard time eating due to swelling in my throat and tonsils when I ate and I grew up pretty malnourished and underweight because of both this and neglect. I would also always get disciplined or in trouble with my mom or babysitters for eating slowly, sometimes over an hour, and had created a bad relationship with food as well. My tonsils would frequently swell during meals, and sometimes randomly bleed as well. Because my tonsil issues were not life threatening (infections or blocking airway), I did opt to have this surgery done electively for my sanity and for health reasons for the rest of me outside my tonsils. It was not covered by the Canadian health insurance and I paid $3000 to have it performed. I learned this week that my brother had this same surgery done when he was 4 due to recurring tonsil infection so maybe the size and issues are hereditary 😲 -continued in comments-