MODELONES Gel Nail Kit Unboxing & Review

Everything in the ModelOnes Starter Gel Kit!

Hello everyone~

Today I’m going to show you what was in my ModelOnes Starter Gel Kit . You can find their Nail Enhancement Supplies here and using my coupon code ‘NAMI15’ will give you 15% off your order (: They have lots great options for doing your own nails, or even stocking up supplies if you are a nail tech! Aside from gel, they also sell polygel kits, dip powder, acrylic products, and nail accessories.

The ModelOnes Starter Gel Kit at $99.99, currently on sale for $74.99

This kit comes with literally everything you need to get started with gel nails or add more to your current collection:
-A 24W LED Nail Lamp
-Gel Base Coat, Top Coat
-Six Neutral Gel Polish Colors
-Two Polygels (Clear & Pink)
-Rhinestones & Glitter
-Holographic Chrome Powder
-Nail Stickers
-Swatch Wheel
-Dual Forms (2 sets)
-Cuticle Pusher
-Cuticle Trimmer
-Nail Files (100/180 grit & 600/3000 grit)
-Nail Brush and Polygel Spatula (double-ended)
-Dusting Brush & Nail Brush
-Toe Foam Separators
-Alcohol pads & Removal pads

Overall, I rate this kit a 4.8/5!
I think a primer would have been a great addition but is not a necessity.
The products apply great and have great formulation, the instructions are very easy to understand and the kit comes with a great and substantial amount of tools.

It’s also such a bonus that it comes with accessories and decorative items like the glitters, stickers, and rhinestones! Makes designing your set such a nice process instead of always having the same colors all the time (:

Let’s go through each item with some detail!

The kit comes with a leaflet with lots of information on what’s inside the kit and the steps to achieving super easy gel nails at home, and because the kit includes a pink polygel tube and clear polygel tube with dual forms, you can also get longer nails with these.

The LED lamp that comes with the kit has four modes, three of them automatic.

The power comes on right when you plug it in and there is no separate on/off switch. The power button you see third on the lamp is the button that allows you to turn the light on or off if you didn’t want the automatic sensor to turn the lamp on when detecting a hand inside.

The 60s and 30s buttons are automatic modes respective to their cure time and will turn on and will stay on for their respective durations for as long as it detects a hand inside the lamp.

The final mode on the lamp is a 1/2 low heat mode that is great for curing thicker layers of gel or polygel. It helps avoid any pain or hot sensations caused by heat spikes from curing a thick layer of product and is also automatic, curing for 90 seconds.

The gel polishes come in a container mold that holds the polishes securely in place. This ensures the product doesn’t get damaged during shipment and keeps everything organized.

On the tray you have the six color gel polish bottles in mauve, pink, nude, white, champagne glitter, and color changing, which turns pink in cold spots and clear in warm spots. I used to swatch wheel the kit comes with to show you what the colors look like (:

There are four glitter containers in the kit

It also comes with a holographic nail chrome powder, which I have always been dying to try!

The rhinestones are plentiful in the organizing wheel and includes gems of different sizes

I believe there are two sets of dual forms you can reuse to create a nail extension off your nail and make your nails longer by placing the polygel into the nail form and curing as it is pressed to your nail bed

There are six sticker sheets that you can use to decorate your nails.

My fav design are the flowers and butterflies.

There are two brushes it comes with, one to brush off the dust as you file, and one to brush and clean around your nails during prep.

The Removal Dedicated pads are great for using to soak and remove your gel polish– I recommend wrapping each pad in aluminum foil around your nail for 10 minutes to soak and soften the gel before removing the gel off your nails.

To be honest, my lazy self would just stick my finger in the pad sachet with the nail up against the removal pads lol! You’ve already done enough work to get your nails looking fiiiiine, might as well find some shortcuts here ^ ^

This is such a great kit to give gel nails a try! Highly recommend the ModelOnes Starter Gel Kit to both beginners and nail enthusiasts! Please feel free to use my affiliate code ‘NAMI15’ to get 15% off anything on, a small portion of your purchase will also go into supporting our channel, so thanks so much for reading!