ipsy’s Creator Cocktail Party & Generation Beauty Experience + Haul

Two weeks ago, I was invited to Generation Beauty’s first convention in Canada as a content creator!

It was a great experience for me as my first networking event; I met lots of great people and really got a chance to grow the part of me that isn’t fully revolving around the kids.

I talked about my experience & show you what I got in my huge goodie bag for stylists in my most recent video; included is also a giveaway of two goodie bags worth $90 each <3

The amazing new friends and peoples I made and met:
Neha: http://vanamagazine.com
Victoria: http://instagram.com/beautywithveee
Sylvia: http://youtube.com/beautycakez
Dani: http://instagram.com/daniesque
Karen: http://youtube.com/iamkareno
Kyne: http://youtube.com/onlinekyne
Diana: http://youtube.com/dee2102
Cassandra: http://youtube.com/cassandrabankson
Corina: http://youtube.com/corina925
Lex: http://youtube.com/madeyewlook
Caitlyn: http://youtube.com/caitlynkreklewich1991

I had lots of fun and this whole experience really encouraged me to seek out more events for creators as a creator and not just sit at home with the kids.

Honestly, when I was home everyday during Galahad’s first year of life, I was sooo depressed and it was really hard for not only me, but the whole household… The tag-teaming we’ve been doing lately with the kids has been so good in helping me not go through a fourth round of postpartum depression u_u Baby Ziek’s inability to nurse effectively might just be a blessing in disguise, forcing me to pump but also allowing Michael to take the kids a quarter of the time so I have time to be a person outside of caregiving too. Thank you Jesus and thank you Michael lol

In a way, my depression with G could’ve also been a blessing in disguise since it really pushed me to question what I wanted to do and is what lead me to believe makeup to be my confidence and interest.

I should stop writing before this post gets super long….

Anyways, I’d be extremely grateful if you listened to my whole experience in my video and saw the goodies I got and would be so extremely happy if you also entered my giveaway  too u_u

Much love,

Piggyback Rides !

Lately, Galahad’s been really, really loving his piggyback rides.

Every time I sit on the edge of the bed and pat my back saying 어부바 !, he laughs/pants really excitedly, scurries his way over to me, and pulls himself up against my back using my shirt.

We took some cute pictures of him on my back. His satisfied little face, haha.




At the moment, he is 10 months old !

That’s all for now !
See you ☆


I Cut & Donated my Hair


This past Monday, I went to the salon with a mommy friend to get our head hairs cut !

We had been planning to cut our hair together since January and we finally decided to do it.

I knew for sure I wanted to donate my hair so I got it cut in ponytails and braided it afterwards since I cut multiple pony tails to gather as much hair as possible. That way, no hair would be unnecessarily swept away from being sewn into a wig.


Kinda dim but you get the picture (aha, get it ?)

I didn’t measure my hair rope but I’m guessing it’s longer than 15″ (30cm). Pretty impressive.

I had to go twice to get it fixed up to how I was envisioning my hair to look but I’m happy with my final result !!

I donated my hair to Locks of Love. I love this organization because they’re very lenient in the condition the hair to be donated can be in. My hair was dyed (though not bleached) and permed and most organizations say no to chemically treated hair. They also have a minimum hair length of 10″ so if you’re thinking of cutting a lot of your hair off, it would be great to contribute to a good cause while you’re at it !

I haven’t had short hair in 9 years and that hair cut was shoulder length. Never have I ever had hair this short; it’s really comfortable.

With a baby, short hair is soo convenient and practical. It doesn’t hurt when he pulls it and it doesn’t get in his face. Neither do I have to worry much about it.


Oh, I should probably include a pre-cut picture of my hair.


I don’t know why I’m always wearing the same shirt. It’s just super comfy and so easy to nurse in. I also have two of them so I’m always in one when the other is in the wash. (  >ㅅ<”)

Anyways, that’s all for now !!

See you ☆