ipsy’s Creator Cocktail Party & Generation Beauty Experience + Haul

Two weeks ago, I was invited to Generation Beauty’s first convention in Canada as a content creator!

It was a great experience for me as my first networking event; I met lots of great people and really got a chance to grow the part of me that isn’t fully revolving around the kids.

I talked about my experience & show you what I got in my huge goodie bag for stylists in my most recent video; included is also a giveaway of two goodie bags worth $90 each <3

The amazing new friends and peoples I made and met:
Neha: http://vanamagazine.com
Victoria: http://instagram.com/beautywithveee
Sylvia: http://youtube.com/beautycakez
Dani: http://instagram.com/daniesque
Karen: http://youtube.com/iamkareno
Kyne: http://youtube.com/onlinekyne
Diana: http://youtube.com/dee2102
Cassandra: http://youtube.com/cassandrabankson
Corina: http://youtube.com/corina925
Lex: http://youtube.com/madeyewlook
Caitlyn: http://youtube.com/caitlynkreklewich1991

I had lots of fun and this whole experience really encouraged me to seek out more events for creators as a creator and not just sit at home with the kids.

Honestly, when I was home everyday during Galahad’s first year of life, I was sooo depressed and it was really hard for not only me, but the whole household… The tag-teaming we’ve been doing lately with the kids has been so good in helping me not go through a fourth round of postpartum depression u_u Baby Ziek’s inability to nurse effectively might just be a blessing in disguise, forcing me to pump but also allowing Michael to take the kids a quarter of the time so I have time to be a person outside of caregiving too. Thank you Jesus and thank you Michael lol

In a way, my depression with G could’ve also been a blessing in disguise since it really pushed me to question what I wanted to do and is what lead me to believe makeup to be my confidence and interest.

I should stop writing before this post gets super long….

Anyways, I’d be extremely grateful if you listened to my whole experience in my video and saw the goodies I got and would be so extremely happy if you also entered my giveaway  too u_u

Much love,

First time Photobooth

We went to a mall and there was a little photobooth so we decided to take some pictures in it since we’ve never gone into a photobooth together or all together, at that.
The pictures came out so cute !

Galahad was confused as to what we were doing at first but as we were taking the last, ‘silly’, photo, he decided to join in.

It was a fun experience and though it’s not inexpensive ($5 for two copies of four pictures), I would do it again.

My apologies for not updating often, I plan to blog more this year.
My friends on Instagram have encouraged me to do so so I hope I can write up some reviews and fun little posts too.

That’s all for now !
See you ☆ Nami