NamiiCho & co. LTD was founded in 2008, starting as a small hobby YouTube channel, now serves hundreds of brands and industry leaders worldwide to empower and support not only businesses and brands but also a global audience of over 500,000+ with 90,000,000+ views on 10+ different online channels.

With a 50+ years of generational expertise in the beauty industry and 15+ years in productions training and experience, Namee Park, founder and CEO of NamiiCho & co. LTD. works closely with her team to curate global digital content across multiple social media platforms in an omni-channel approach. NamiiCho & co. LTD. flourishes in the digital space, providing services in social media content curation, social media management, marketing initiatives, influencer marketing, marketing consultation, management consultation, and most recently, cosmetology and virtual assistance.

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