Content Services

Amazon Live

Amazon Live Organic Streams

  • Incorporated through stream schedules
  • Featured alongside other brands

Preroll 15min Integrated livestreams

Amazon Live Dedicated 60min Streams

  • Full Product Carousel real estate

Amazon Live Junior Showhost 60min Streams

Amazon Storefront VOD Video

Permanent 20-60s UGC video
ft. on Influencer Storefront + on Product Page

UGC Usage Rights

Content Services – Social Media
  • TikTok video [20-40s]
  • Instagram Reel [20-40s]
  • YouTube Shorts [20-40s]
  • Pinterest Idea Pin video [20-40s]
  • Pinterest Static Pins [3 images]
  • Usage Rights [per month]
  • Cross-Platform Syndication

Hands-On Support

Monthly TikTok 3sec-3min UGC videos + indefinite usage rights per month

  • worry-free & various UGC types
  • on-trend engaging content
  • tutorials, memes, B&As, transformations, talks
  • 1 guaranteed revision per video

Monthly TikTok Posts Management + comments moderation & replies per month

  • worry-free TT account
  • on-trend engaging formats
  • monthly analytic performance,
  • & audience reviews – 1h calls
  • scheduling of various brand content categories
  • TikTok optimized SEO customization
  • guaranteed immediate priority shift availabilities

Syndications Management as posted

  • Instagram to TikTok +optimized SEO per month
  • monthly platform reviews – 1h calls

Cross Platform Syndication & Management +optimized SEO per platform
monthly platform reviews – 1h calls


  • amazon live packages
  • social media packages
  • management packages
  • syndications packages


  • 3 month terms
  • 6 month terms
  • 12 month terms

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