As I redecorate and reorganize, I realize this is something we should be doing often in all areas of our lives 🌺 To store things that we don’t need away, to examine if we must remove and dispose, choosing what to display, and keeping surfaces nice and shiny 🧺 Excited for this new chapter inside and out, as I spend my time in, as I spend my time out 📖 Been learning so much and having lots of fun at my new apprenticeship, applying practical hard skills to every corner of life’s movements 🥹 Only looking forward to shoot my shot at anything and everything 💥 essgettiiit 🗣🗣 @nevstudiostreetwear Streamer Stitching Cargo Pants Functional Ribbons Bomber Jacket Maneuver Backpack Back Pocket Function Vest Use code park25 to get 25% off amazing techwear items from @nevstudiostreetwear for BlackFriday ⛓ !

Only gratitude ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥🧨 deeper red in love, in, out ♥️🎈📌🧧 During my short few days immersed in women last week, I’ve grown so much love for both myself and for my friends, communities, and circles; both on the inside and outside 📝 It’s been quad lateral in a quad-day week and I can do nothing but smile in my fears, smile in my tears, laugh in my hurt and laugh while in dirt 🥹 The highlight of my time in LA: sleep 🛌 better than even food: Reflection, time to rest, sharing in thoughts and in bed, cuddling up with warmth at the opposite of my head; emptiness filling my mind as my body melts into the fabric binds, encompassing me, comforting me, inspiring me ☁️😶‍🌫️ A new bright, and sunny day awaits.

Ptosis correction & deviated septum update check in.!!! 🗣 These are some photos from the last year, and most recently 3 weeks post op from @english_banobagi through @docfinderkorea ❤️‍🩹 More details about the recovery process correcting my deviated septum obstructed breathing and ptosis eye muscle obstructed vision operations on YouTube via episode 7 of my personal growth journey series ❤️‍🔥 Every day my face is slowly returning and I can’t wait til all my swelling goes away and I have both my face back plus better health and balance 🥹 The hardest part of recovery was the first two weeks where mostly my swelling was forcing mouth breathing causing dry and swollen lips that felt on fire 🫣 After stitches removal at 7 and 14 days post op, things exponentially were much more comfortable and I was also able to do my post op care routine with ointment and hydrogen peroxide much more easily and enjoyably 🥰 Thank you so much for your well wishes, I am doing my best to stay on the good side of recovery this time compared to my tonsil removal surgery 😭 Thank you also for listening to my story and keeping me company on this splice slice part of an overarching wholistic life journey 🤧💘 sending hugs for whenever you are at right now ðŸ«‚

Finally had my deviated septum corrected at @english_banobagi with @docfinderkorea to fix my breathing and nose bleed problem along with ptosis correction for better visibility and clean up facial contouring !! Im super happy with the results!!! Dr Oh, Dr Lee, and Dr Barn all focused on improving the structure and function of my features while still preserving the character and charisma of my face 😭 I can also already breathe and see much better than before the operations without utilizing as much effort as I was before and it’ll only improve as my swelling goes down 🥹 The agents at Docfinderkorea were also such a huge help being the best in between for translation and booking, made everything stress free compared to the other 7 hospitals I was reaching out to the last 3 years 🗣 More in-depth details on my new YouTube video!! #rhinoplasty #septorhinoplasty #ptosiscorrection #banobagi #docfinderkorea #deviatedseptum #facialcontouring #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeryinkorea #성형 #성형수술 #성형후기 #docfinderkorea #banobagi #docfinderkoreapartner

Spring to summer with family and my Godmother 🥰 Our Godmother is one of the very few women I look up to for her level of faith and wisdom, loving heart, and success 😭 It’s so important to have role models in your life because unbeknownst to you, you slowly become more like those you look up to 📈 Growing up, I never had role models in my life due to learned apathy and untreated undiagnosed major depressive disorder with manic features ❤️‍🩹 It was only when Michael asked me who my role models are when we met that I realized I had no role models and no goals, no hope for my future, only a desire for unaliving 😞 When we are inspired, we must hold on to that inspiration, seek it, embrace it, and become it to flourish 💐 Knowledge puffs up but love builds up; Surround yourself with people who build each other up ðŸ˜ðŸ™ŒðŸ’¯

Mina took the last pic for me 🤣 my journey growing and working towards personal development includes building my style; the details of my experience working with my personal stylist @julianne_costigan to thoroughly flip my outer being and elevate presentation is up on my YouTube channel newly named Namee Park 💛🌼🌻 Would love to know what you’d like to hear in future episodes of my Personal Growth Journey video series??? photos by @ivylammakeup @maddieola event @julianne_costigan @hotelxtoronto @thekitca @sgcunningham1976 @bananarepublic sweater vest @escadaofficial suit set @yesstyle mesh long sleeve use my code ‘NAMI10’ @_jennybird necklace @teddy_blake handbag use code ‘TBNami30’ @drmartensofficial boots @sheinofficial dress, overalls use my code NamiiCho @birkenstock sandals

I Spent $10,000 with a Personal Stylist – Personal Growth Journey ep3

via IFTTT Hello my frends this is a new chapter in my life I am so excited to share with you, especially working on my health how my wardrobe was impacting my mind, this was my makeup, hair, and outfit for my alumni dinner! I highly recommend evaluating parts of your life you yourself want to improve and looking into research for how you can achieve an elevated experience in any aspect of our being!! it is 1000% worth all the time, energy, focus, and money to grow yourself and continue becoming more you !!

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